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4 Wow-Worthy Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Surely Get Noticed

Bold & Beautiful Black Cabinet Hardware
Bold & Beautiful Black Cabinet Hardware
Just because every home has at least one bathroom, doesn't mean that all bathrooms should be the same. Not only do different people have distinct tastes and style preferences, but they have diverse uses for their bathrooms as well. Still, there are some frequently-overlooked bathroom design ideas that are versatile enough to appeal to a wide audience and unique enough to get noticed instantly. Below you will find some creative and inspiring bathroom design ideas that can transform your space in an entirely positive way.

1. Make a bold statement with black cabinet hardware. Many interior designers these days are steering their clients to choose bathroom tiles and color schemes that are neutral or earthy- colors that may be attractive, but are hardly wow-worthy. A standard complement to these plain color schemes are silver-colored cabinet knobs and pulls, which are often lovely, but tend to melt into the room's lackluster landscape. Homeowners looking to add life to their bathroom or to combine their preference for earthy colors with something a bit more daring can choose black cabinet hardware which will add life into an otherwise neutral space. Because bathrooms tend to require only a few pieces of cabinet hardware, choosing black cabinet hardware is an easy way to add a burst of color to the space without overwhelming it.

2. Give your bathroom a spa-like feel. There's something inviting and relaxing about entering a bathroom that is clean, stocked with plush towels and is not cluttered with toiletries. Luxurious bathroom hardware and accessories can enhance this spa-like atmosphere. If you currently hang your bath towel on the shower door or on a dingy plastic rack, it's time to consider investing a new towel rack (or set of towel hooks). Add a few complementary touches such as a matching toilet paper holder or hand towel ring, and your bathroom will look instantly more polished. Of course, it would help to make sure that your bathroom is filled with matching towels, rather than Sesame Street towels or mismatched prints. Top off the room with a subtle fragrance diffuser that will create a refreshing and relaxing ambiance in the space.

3. Replace your patterned shower curtain or clouded shower door with a clear glass shower door. What do patterned shower curtains, frosted shower doors and cloudy shower stalls all have in common? They all make a bathroom feel smaller, as they prevent the eye from seeing beyond them. While most homeowners attempt to cut corners by redesigning their bathrooms around their existing fixtures, replacing the shower door or curtain is actually one of the smartest investments a homeowner can make if they want their bathroom to feel instantly bigger. Of course, this option is ideal for those with nice, clean bathtubs or shower stalls- those will grungy tiles may want to think twice before displaying their showers to the world.

4. Add warmth to your bathroom. In design speak, adding warmth generally means adding design items with warm color tones. But installing items that actually make your bathroom warmer during the winter months can also make it a more inviting, luxurious and relaxing space. A heated towel rack or wall-mounted bathroom heater can make taking a shower a fabulous experience instead of a frantic rush to finish. These small items may not be as glamorous as, say, a whirlpool, but they will definitely give the bathroom the welcome and peaceful feel that you desire from your space.

It goes without saying that there are a million ways to refresh the look and feel of your bathroom. But the best bathroom design ideas are those that add not only style, but efficiency or practical enjoyment to your space. From the affordable option of installing black cabinet hardware to the more expensive alternative of replacing your shower doors, you can find many bathroom design ideas that will make a dual statement in your space and endless enjoyment on a daily basis.

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