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Black and White Decor for the Bathroom

Creating a dramatic and elegant look in any bathroom just got easier. Using these simple and fast suggestions for a black and white decor, any homeowner can transform an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary one. Black and white decorating creates a sleek, sophisticated look while simultaneously allowing for great accent pieces and periodic color changes.

Getting Back to Basics

The easiest way to create a black and white decor is to start with an all-white bathroom. Take all of the color out of the room, paint the walls white, and put in a white vanity. Now, have fun with your accent pieces. Find a large mirror with a black frame to hang over the bathroom sink. Purchase black and white prints (or take your own pictures) and frame them in black frames. Hang these along the walls of the bathroom. Add black accessories to the bathroom design including black soap dishes, tooth brush holders, and magazine racks.

Enjoying the Hardware

Another great way to create a black and white look is to invest in new bathroom hardware. Purchase a new bathroom vanity, or paint your existing one white. Then, have fun with a wide range of decorative black knobs and black pulls. Use decorative black pulls such as birdcage wire pulls for the vanity drawers. Remove the hardware on the bathroom medicine cabinet as well and add a black cabinet knob to compliment the black pulls you've chosen. The right black hardware will create a dramatic look and will contrast with the white background. Add other bathroom hardware in black, as well, for a unifying look. For instance, purchase a black toilet paper holder and black towel bars to match your black cabinet pulls.

The Floor Says It All

One great place to start with black and white decorating is to redo the bathroom flooring. If you can afford to do so, put in a black marble floor with a tall white baseboard molding. For a less expensive option, enjoy white ceramic tiles with a black border, vinyl tiles in alternating white and black squares, or a white floor with black stenciling painted throughout. Keep the rest of the bathroom design simple, so as not to overpower the newly redone flooring.

Look Up

A final idea for creating a smashing black and white decor is to focus on the ceiling of the bathroom. Simply by adding a crown molding to the ceiling, you can dramatically change the look of the bathroom space. Paint the bathroom walls white or cream, and the ceiling white as well. Then, paint the molding black all the way around the ceiling. You?ll be surprise how dramatic this one small change can be. Purchase black bathroom accessories, black towels, black bath mats and other black items to compliment the crown molding.

One great advantage of the black and white bathroom is its versatility. Should you want a splash of color in the bathroom at any time, you can purchase orange bath towels or add in a brightly colored picture with a red frame. One week you can buy an assortment of pastel candles to line the bathtub, and another week you?ll find potpourri to adorn the vanity. With its neutral styling, the black and white design allows for constant upgrades, changes and renovations as the mood hits you. Black and white decorating in the bathroom creates a timeless look and classy appeal that never goes out of style.

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